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What's Wrong With My Brakes?


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Troubleshooting Brake Problems - Pedal Vibration
Pedal Vibration. If you step on the pedal and feel a vibration, you're in for some troubleshooting. There are lots of things which can cause the pedal to vibrate when you apply the brakes. Rememeber, if your car is equipped with ABS (most are these days), the pedal will seem to vibrate when you brake very, very hard. The system does this to keep them from locking up. This is normal. Otherwise, check these causes:


  • Bad Brake Pads: If your pads have become contaminated with oil or another substance, they can vibrate as they grip the brake rotor. You'll need to replace your brake pads.
  • Bad Brake Disc: Inspect your brake discs. If one or both are bad, they can cause your brakes to grab suddenly or unevenly. You'll need to replace your brake discs. They should always be done in pairs, so don't try to skimp.
  • Car Out of Alignment: If your car is out of alignment, this can cause your front end to wiggle madly, causing a vibration. Get an alignment.
  • Worn Front Suspension: Any number of worn suspension parts can cause vibrations. Worn ball joints, a bad steering rack, worn tie rod ends, a bad wheel bearing or upper strut bearing, and even a bad front strut could cause it. Start checking.
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