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Spring Maintenance Time is Here!

maintenance items

Those birds you hear chirping are telling you something: Spring is here! If you listen closely they're also telling you it's time for some spring car maintenance. Don't let summer driving catch you off guard. Be prepared! See the Spring Maintenance Checklist.

Auto Repair Spotlight10

What is a Core and What's a Core Charge for Auto Parts?

Have you ever wondered what an auto parts core is, and why you should have to leave a deposit in the name of this core? Check it out.

How to Replace a Brake Caliper

If you've got a stuck or sticking brake caliper, the time to replace it is today. You may be very sorry if you wait, and you can do it yourself in an afternoon.

How to Install Brake Discs on Your Truck

Don't pay big bucks to have new brake discs or rotors installed. You can do it yourself and save big.

How to Bleed Your Car's Brakes

If you've never bled a braking system before, here is your chance to see how easy it can be to bleed brakes. Get rid of spongey pedal feel or weak brakes today.

Metal Shaping Intro: Hammer and Dolly

In the old days metal workers actually worked the metal of a car's body rather than just bolting on new panels when they are damaged. Check out a hammer and dolly to see how it used to be done. You can start to learn the art now and be a master ... someday.

Air Boxing, Not Just for Mathletes

If your air box has seen cleaner days, you may want to consider giving it a thorough once-over, including but not limited to a new air filter. Your engine's

Don't Suffer Warm Air Conditioning This Summer

If you live in an area that is expected to experience any level of extreme heat, you know how valuable your car's air conditioner can be. If you've spent one of

Plug Wires: Check 'Em If You Got 'Em

These days there are lots of cars on the road that don't have spark plug wires at all. They run coil packs which electronically send a signal to each spark plug

Charging System Checks Made Easy

An in car battery and alternator tester makes the first step in charging system diagnosis quick and easy. And you can have one for less than $20. Wow!

Drive Slow, Save Gas

Did you know that your driving habits might be ruining your gas mileage? That heavy right foot of yours could be costing you money. Slow acceleration and strict

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