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Spring Maintenance Time is Here!

maintenance items

Those birds you hear chirping are telling you something: Spring is here! If you listen closely they're also telling you it's time for some spring car maintenance. Don't let summer driving catch you off guard. Be prepared! See the Spring Maintenance Checklist.

Auto Repair Spotlight10

What is a Core and What's a Core Charge for Auto Parts?

Have you ever wondered what an auto parts core is, and why you should have to leave a deposit in the name of this core? Check it out.

How to Replace a Brake Caliper

If you've got a stuck or sticking brake caliper, the time to replace it is today. You may be very sorry if you wait, and you can do it yourself in an afternoon.

How to Install Brake Discs on Your Truck

Don't pay big bucks to have new brake discs or rotors installed. You can do it yourself and save big.

Have You Checked Your Lugs ... Lately?

I've seen a lot of damage over the years that was caused by loose lug nuts. The lug nuts hold your wheels in place. Needless to say they're pretty important.

Trailer Wiring Colors - Quick and Easy

I get a lot of requests for standard passenger car and truck trailer wiring color codes. So here's a quick, direct link to that information for you. It's

The Soapy String Trick?

Seasoned auto repair guys will tell you all sorts of tricks of the trade. Or maybe they won't, but regardless the tricks are out there. One such trick, known as

Brake Bleeding: A Maintenance Necessity

When I was a kid I did all kinds of things to avoid having to bleed my brakes. Looking back, I'm not at all sure why I did that. Bleeding your brakes is super

How to Bleed Your Car's Brakes

If you've never bled a braking system before, here is your chance to see how easy it can be to bleed brakes. Get rid of spongey pedal feel or weak brakes today.

Tow Strapping For Winners

If you're left in the unfortunate position of having to tow a dead vehicle with another car or truck, be sure to do it safely. Knowing how to use a tow strap is

Playing the Powerball Again

It's been some time since I reviewed the Mother's PowerBall polishing system, but since I got it out the other day and used it on some hard-to-reach corners of

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