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5 Great Stocking Stuffers For Car Guys or Gals!


Cheap, Great Gifts For Budding Mechanics or Automotive DIYers
Great Gift Ideas!

Great Gifts for your Car Lover

photo by Matt Wright, 2008
You already bought the Snap-On rolling cabinet and the surface mounted scissor-lift for your home mechanic, but you want to add a little something extra, maybe a stocking stuffer. These 5 great gift ideas are inexpensive, fun and useful.
  1. Wiper Blades. This may seem a like a lame thing to find in your stocking, but wiper blades are the oft-forgotten maintenance item. Nobody thinks about new windshield wipers until they're driving in a downpour. New wiper blades will be an appreciated gift that won't cost a lot. Besides, it's not like there's anything better to do on Christmas day than install new wiper blades.

    Order some wiper blades right now!

  2. Shop Towels. Chances are the amateur mechanic in your house uses all kinds of things to wipe with. At best it's a bag of cut up old shirts. At worst it's endless rolls of paper towels - expensive and bad for the environment. And there's something satisfying about reaching for those professional looking red shop towels.

  3. Miniature Multi Tool.We found some interesting miniature multi-tools. They are truly functional with tools like screwdrivers and small blades. Some hang from your keychain conveniently. One's even shaped like a key, but has three screwdrivers and a pocket knife!

    Get a cool mini multi tool.

  4. Rain-X. Perfect for an inexpensive stocking stuffer are these applicators of Rain-X windshield treatment. Rain-X is good stuff but it's hard to remember to pick some up and get it on the windshield.

    Order some Rain-X for your stocking.

  5. Mechanic's Gloves. Our shop is pro glove, so we recommend mechanic's gloves to anyone who asks. You might want to check out The Great Glove Debate before you make the choice. If you're looking for a useful inexpensive addition to your car enthusiast's repertoire, buy a pair of mechanic's work gloves. They keep hands soft and clean.

    Buy some mechanic's gloves today.

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