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Change Your Fuel Filter


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Time to Replace Your Fuel Filter
Fuel filter ready for replacement.

This fuel filter is ready to change.

photo by Matt Wright, 2007
What you'll need:
  • new fuel filter
  • new fuel line washers
  • open end wrenches
  • rags
  • eye protection
Your fuel filter is one of those engine components that may only cost $10 or $20, but can protect your engine from thousands of dollars in damage if you change it regularly. Fuel filters protect some of the very delicate parts of your engine. Carburetors and fuel injection systems can be clogged up by the tiniest of particles, so a properly functioning fuel filter is very important. If your fuel filter starts to get clogged up, the fuel trying to flow through the filter to your engine gets stuck in line like soccer moms at a 5 am Thanksgiving Day sale.

It only takes a few minutes to replace your fuel filter, and it should be replaced once a year on the average commuter vehicle. Replacing your fuel filter should be part of your car's regular maintenance schedule.

IMPORTANT: Do not skip the fuel system pressure release step. Injury and other damage can result!

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