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How to Replace Brake Shoes on Drum Brakes


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What Type of Rear Brakes Do You Have?
Rear brake drum

A brake drum looks like this with the wheel off.

photo by Matt Wright, 2012
Before you can consider replacing your rear brakes, you need to figure out what type of rear brakes your car or truck is equipped with. There are only two choices: drum or disc. This article will tell you how to replace drum brakes. The easiest way to tell what type of brake you have in the rear is to simply take a look. Don't worry, you don't have to take the car apart for this peek. In many cars and trucks you can see right through the wheel. If you can't you might have to jack your car up and remove one wheel to see whether you have a drum or disc back there. With a clear view of things, you'll see either a dull, black drum or a shiny, metallic disc. There's no gray area here. Drums are fairly rough and dull finished. Discs are super shiny because their surfaces are designed to create maximum braking friction.

If it turns out you have rear discs, go to the section on replacing rear disc brakes and I'll help you get it done. If you have drum brakes in the rear, read on and we'll make it happen.

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