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How To Recharge Your Air Conditioner with Freon


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Can You Recharge Your AC With Freon?
Recharge your air conditioning with new R134 refrigerant, freon.

If your car uses R134 type refrigerant, you can recharge your own AC system.

photo by Matt Wright, 2008
Before you set out to recharge your car's air conditioning system, you need to be sure your car uses the newer R134 (not the older R12 refrigerant). The best way to determine this is to check your car's owners manual, or you can consult your repair manual. You do have a repair manual, don't you? It's a must for do-it-yourself auto repair.

If your car was manufactured after 1994, chances are you're in the R134 camp. If your car uses the older R12 refrigerant, you should take it to a repair shop and have it converted to the newer stuff so you can be in the cool again.

If your AC system is R134 equipped, read on and we'll help you recharge your air conditioning so you'll be away from the "blowing warm" blues.

*If you have refilled your AC system before, and find yourself needing a recharge again today, you might want to check it for leaks. For a primer on the air coniditioning system itself, check out How Does My AC Work.

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