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How To Replace the Battery in Your Car's Keyless Remote


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Replacing It Is Easy, But What Battery Do I Need?
Replace your keyless remote battery.

The Honda keyless remote has an easy access battery cover, Mercedes does not.

photo by Matt Wright, 2009
In the old days of the keyless remote, usually for an alarm, there could have been any combination of obscure batteries inside. Some things never change. Don't take a chance buying what you think might be the right battery for your remote. If you're lucky, you're remote will have the battery type written on the outside like the Honda unit pictured above. This one takes a 2025 battery. The rest of you will have to either remove the old battery first or put your trust in the Google gods and hope you get good info before you buy it.

Whichever scenario you find yourself in, don't sweat it. We'll show you how to get the old battery out and a new one in without destroying the thing. Mercedes is getting $180 a piece for replacement remotes ... ouch.

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