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Quick Tips To Keep Your Car In Top Shape

There are scores of juicy bits of information, tips, advice and watch-outs that can make your life lots easier. Preventing problems both in your car and in your bank account will empower you and keep your hard earned cash where you want it.

Buying a New Car? Consider Maintenance Costs
Before you rush out to buy a new car based on the sticker price, you should consider the average costs of ownership and maintenance. I have some great tips and links for you to look up the real cost of owning a car, before you buy it!

Cherokee Overheats When AC is On ... Help!
I own a 1998 Jeep Cherokee SE (not a Grand) 4.0L I6 with 4WD. The consistent problem I am having is with the cooling system, and I am wondering if it is just the car or if something can be done about it.

Find Out if Your Toyota is Affected by the Accelerator Pedal Recall
How do I know if my Toyota is on the recall list? Is my Toyota recalled? Is my Toyota pedal needing to be fixed? What Toyotas are affected by the recall? These are all questions that have been flooding in. Find out if your Toyota needs recall repairs.

Has Your Radiator Gone Green?
If you're trying to keep your car as green as possible, here's a tip that won't cost you a thing.

The Difference Between Snow Tires and Summer Tires
What is the difference between a snow tire and any other tire. Can I use my all season tires for winter? The snow tire vs all season tire debate shouldn't even be happening. Look at the difference between snow tires and regular tires and you'll see why you should put snow tires on your car if you live in a snowy climate.

Bumper Repair? Do It The Green Way
You can think green even if you are making a simple car repair. There are lots of green decisions you can make when repairing your vehicle. Here's a quick one for you.

How To Test Your Brake Lights ... Alone!
If you've ever tried to check your own brake lights, especially during the day, it's a pain! This method will help you test your brake lights without asking your neighbor for help.

How To Avoid Oil Change Ripoffs and Upsells
If you're taking your car in for an oil change, you should know what to expect and what to avoid. There are ripoffs looming around the corner at some oil change lube locations. Don't get taken, ripped off, upsold or otherwise led astray next time you need to go in for an oil change.

Airport Parking: Trouble Free
If you are leaving your car in airport parking for any period of time, it might be a good idea to take care of a few things to be sure everything is ok when you return to that airport parking lot! Parking shouldn't add stress to your life. A little preparation and you'll leave the airport for a happy vacation.

What's Your Words on Stuck Nuts and Bolts?
We want your advice on how to loosen a frozen bolt or nut. When you have a stuck nut or bolt, what do you do? What tricks do you have to loosen them?

Eight DIY Car Repair Jobs to Save Hundreds of Dollars This Year
Saving money is top priority these days. Car repair is a great way to do it. I can show you how to save $600.00 this year in a single weekend. Doing your own auto maintenance can save money without a doubt. Your budget will thank you!

Why Does My car Whine in Reverse?
Why does my car whine in reverse? Why is my reverse gear so noisy? What's that sound in reverse? Good questions. Here's the answer.

Serpentine Belt Inspection
Your serpentine belt, or your v-belt, drive all of the components your car needs to be safe and comfortable. You should inspect your serpentine belt twice a year, and if it shows wear, you should replace your serpentine belt. Replacement is not something to play with.

How To Replace the Battery in Your Car's Remote Unlock
We rely on the remote unlock, lock, and alarm functions on our car or truck key fob, or key chain. This keychain remote has batteries that go dead. If you have a dead or weak battery in your car remote, you will lose range or not be able to use it at all. Replacing your car remote battery is easy. You can replace the battery in 5 minutes or less. We'll show you a Honda remote and a Mercedes Benz remote as examples.

Using Heat to Remove a Stuck Bolt
Some bolts just won't budge. They are stuck, seized, stubborn, rusted, corroded and otherwise impossible to remove. You can use a penetrant like PB Blaster, Liquid Wrench or WD-40, but to really get it free you might need to apply heat via the blue flame of a propane or butane torch.

New Oil Change Intervals Are Good News
It's long been the gospel that you should change your car's engine oil every 3000 miles. Recently this number has been up for debate. In fact it's been knocked down.

Refinishing and Repairing Leather Seats
If you have a hole in your leather seat or your leather seat is worn out and showing wear, there is an easy way to care and repair it. Repairing leather car seats can be an affordable alternative to recovering and refinishing of your leather seats. We'll show you how to care for and replenish your leather seats.

Online Classic Car Classified Listings Feature Vintage Cars For Sale On the Net
If you're looking for a vintage car, whether it's a Mustang or a Maybach, you should look at these online classifieds with cars for sale and vintage and classic car listings. Vintage car listings cover Porsches, vintage Chevy, old Ford trucks, and anything else you can imagine from any year.

Sell Your Car Online!
It may seem intimidating to sell a car online, but you can sell a car over the internet without a lot of hassle. There are lots of people out there buying a car online, so why should you miss out on the internet auto sales?

What Order Do I Tighten My Lug Nuts?
You need to tighten your lug nuts in the correct order to achieve proper lug nut torque values. This diagram will show you what order to tighten your lug nuts.

A Third Hand For Wrenching
Haven't you even needed a third hand? Here's a tip that can help you out of some tight auto repair situations.

Used Auto Parts That Are Never a Good Idea
Buying used auto parts can be iffy, to say the least. But there are lots of used auto parts that are perfectly safe and will save you money. Before you drop serious dollars at the parts store, check out our used auto parts lists. There is money to be saved.

Used Auto Parts That Are Sometimes a Good Idea
Buying used auto parts can be iffy, to say the least. But there are lots of used auto parts that are perfectly safe and will save you money. Before you drop serious dollars at the parts store, check out our used auto parts lists. There is money to be saved.

Used Auto Parts That Are Always a Good Idea
Buying used auto parts can be iffy, to say the least. But there are lots of used auto parts that are perfectly safe and will save you money. Before you drop serious dollars at the parts store, check out our used auto parts lists. There is money to be saved.

Removing a Stripped or Otherwise Screwed Screw
Sometimes a stripped screw is inevitable. It's not anybody's fault, but the result is a stripped screw and a stuck part. It's usually easy to fix if you know what not to do.

Cure For Sudden Poor Radio Reception
If you suddenly find that your car radio is giving you more fizz and pop than music and news, there might be a simple solution to your woes. For most of us, the car stereo is the peacekeeper of the interior of the car.

Used Auto Parts -- Good Idea?
When is it ok to buy used auto parts for auto maintenance or repair? That's a good question. Used auto parts can save you lots of money, but choose carefully or you might be doing the same repair twice.

Repair Flat Tires With a Can
We've all seen it on the shelf, that yellow can claiming it can repair tires in your moment of distress. But will it really work? Is there a discount tire fix that can get your flat tire back on the road? And how much of a pain in the neck is it to use it on a flat tire? Can you repair flat tires with a can?

What is the Shelf Life of Radiator Coolant or Antifreeze?
If you've been wondering what the shelf life of car radiator coolant is, you've come to the right place. Your radiator isn't too picky, it seems.

A Little Help to Loosen a Tight Bolt or Nut
If you're in the middle (or beginning) of an auto repair project and find a stuck bolt, you may need a third hand to loosen a stuck bolt. Breaking a bolt can be easier if your third hand has some extra leverage. Great tip for wheel hubs, bearings or brakes.

Spray-on Belt Dressing for Squealing Belts
A squealing belt can be maddening. Have you ever pulled into a parking lot with a squealing belt only to have everybody staring at you? It's definitely not fun. Here's a quick fix for that slipping, squealing belt that will hold you over until you have the chance to make a proper repair. Whether it's the alternator, air conditioning, fan, generator, water pump or supercharger, get it fixed.

Removing A Seriously Stuck Wheel
Whether you're doing routine maintenance or changing a flat, nothing's worse than a wheel that won't come off. It can be corrosion, gunk, goop or just general tightness, but none of these things can keep your wheel on with this handy trick.

The Universal Cup Holder!
The search for a proper cup holder is never ending. Some are blessed with a factory holder that can actually hold a 20-ounce bottle of Orange Faygo without turning your car into an Insane Clown Posse show. Others of us are not so lucky, and thus begins the search. Mine has been going on for years, but I have finally found the truth.

The Unbelievable Chrome Shiner
Ever wonder what magical product the real guys are using to keep the chrome on their cars and motorcycles so shiny? We have the answer, and it's not a genie. It's not even in a bottle!

Find the Leak In Your Tire
If you have a slow tire leak, it can be very frustrating. Constant trips to the air pump are no fun, not to mention it's costing you 50 cents every time you have to top off the pressure. Before you plug your tire you need to find the leak or the puncture. Here's a trick.

Clear Your Air (Vents)
There are a number of reasons to keep your fresh air vents clean. Take a minute to brush away the season's droppings and you'll thank yourself in the long run.

Check Your Tire Wear
It's important to keep up with your tire wear. Worn tires can be very dangerous. The penny test is as old as tires themselves, but it still works!

My Key Won't Turn!
Ever get in your car and you can't even turn the key? Everything seems stuck. There's an easy way out of this jam, and it won't cost you a thing.

Comparing Old School Fuel Filters With New
Fuel filters have come a long way since the old days. If your car needs a new fuel filter, you should get with the program and get a new school fuel filter. Check out the difference between an old and new style fuel filter.

Diesel Engines vs Gas Engines - Reliability, Efficiency
Are diesel engines as reliable as Gas engines? Is a diesel engine more reliable than a gas engine? Does a diesel engine get better gas mileage than a gasoline engine?

How Does a Roundabout Work?
Roundabouts are becoming more and more popular in the United States, if you drive here chances are you have been around the traffic circle at least once. Here is a good description with a link to an amazing instructional video.

Using a Parts Washer to Clean Grease
Use a parts washer to make your job perfect.

Protect Your Car from Salty Roads
Keep rust away with some modern prevention techniques.

Front End Damage: Fix It Yourself?
Should you try to fix your crashed front end? Think about it.

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