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Products You Can Use on Your Car

Check out our product reviews! From old standbys to newly discovered nuggets we'll tell you what stuff we'd love to have around the shop and what should be left at the auto parts store and laughed at. From new products to industry secrets, check back often for picks and pans alike!

What Do the Star Ratings Mean in a Tool Review?
All of the tool and product reviews in Auto Repair are based on our Five Star rating system. But what do these stars mean when paired with a review?

Product Review: Rain-X Latitude Wipers
A comprehensive review of the Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blades. Are they as good as the commercials say they are?

Product Review: Lighted Magnetic Pickup
A comprehensive review of the Lighted Magnetic Pickup. Can this tool save the day?

Product Review: Auto Air Duct Cleaner
A comprehensive review of the Auto Air Duct Cleaner. Can this can solve your mold, mildew, and stinky air problems?

Product Review: Water Boy Traveling Dog Bowl
A comprehensive review of the Water Boy Traveling Dog Bowl. Can it solve the biggest problem about traveling with pets?

LED Shop Lights: Toys Or Useful Tools?
LED technology has come a long way. We see the LED used to light everything. But are they enough to light your way when you are repairing your brake master cylinder or another important auto repair?

Liquid Wrench Offers a Low Cal Six Pack
Need lube? Check out this 6-pack of juice products from Liquid Wrench. We review all six.

Great Gifts for Car Lovers, All Under $100
Having a hard time finding a decent gift for the car guy or girl in your life? You're not alone. It can be tough to nail down something decent, and affordable, to give the DIY wrench turner. I've done a little homework to come up with some great gift ideas, all for under $100, that won't be the run-of-the-mill stuff they're expecting.

Great Gift Ideas: Gifts for Car Guys Under $20
Car people can be impossible to buy gifts for. Chances are they buy anything they really need the moment they realize they need it. It's good practice if you're a DIY mechanic, but it doesn't make it easy when a loved one is trying to figure out what to wrap up for you. Car gifts don't have to be completely useful, they can just be fun. They can also be something your car guy or gal already has b…

Product Review: Mother's PowerBall 4Paint Automotive Wax System
We tested the Mothers Powerball car wax system. Waxing your car is important for looks and protection. We'll tell you how the Powerball system works to get the wax job done.

Testing the Measu-Funnel: Added Convenience or Wasted Money?
This handy gadget claims to make it easier and more accurate to mix your coolant before adding extra coolant to your radiator. You need a 50/50 mix, but will this coolant funnel help you get there cleanly accurately and safely? Read the review and find out!

Little Stick On Blind Spot MIrrors - Junk or the Real Funk?
Most cars have a blind spot, even if you use your side rear view mirrors well. Will these auxiliary mirrors help to eliminate the blind spot so you can more safely back your car or truck up? Installing an additional mirror can be costly, here might be a low budget alternative.

Sham-Wow: Revolution or RIpoff?
Is Sham-Wow a revolution or a ripoff? Does Sham-Wow work? Is it a scam? Is it amazing?

Product Review: Prestone Windshield De-Icer
Product review of Prestone De-Icer. Does it work like magic or is it clutter?

Testing the Butane MIni Torch Kit
We bought a butane mini torch kit that is supposed to be used with the included heat shrink tubing to seal automotive wiring in your car or truck from the elements.

Is Simoniz Fix It! Scratch Remover the Answer to Scratched Tail Lights/
There are lots of ways to repair a tail light with a scratch. Red tape, duct tape, buffing, polishing, gluing, or lens replacement. We tried a product that claims to repair a tail light scratch for you. Here is our review.

PB Blaster vs. All the Other Penetrants - Any Comparison?
Lubricants and penetrants make lots of claims, but do they really help you when you're dealing with a stuck nut or bolt thanks to years of rust or corrosion?

The LED Headlight by Energizer
If you need to work in a closed area, like when you are replacing your EGR valve or working on your brakes, a good work light is a must. Check out his new work light using super bright LED technology.

The Great Glove Debate
You've seen those specialized mechanics gloves on the shelf at your local auto parts store. But do you really need a $20 pair of gloves to repair your car? Do you need gloves at all? We polled some experts to see where they fall in the great glove debate.

Can You Repair Your Own Windshield
You see windshield repair kits on the shelf claiming to repair rock chips and other damage in 15 minutes, but do any of them really work? Is it possible to repair a windshield yourself? We'd all love to say I can fix my own windshield, so we tested the product to see whether you can do it.

Testing the Step2 Rugged Roll Work Seat
Step2 may be a toy company, but they have introduced a rolling work seat that's not kid's stuff. The Rugged Roll Work Seat is handy, lightweight and very durable. We decided to try it out in a real shop to see how it held up to the much more expensive competition.

Does a Retractable Tow Strap Work?
We found a new retractable tow strap in the parts section of a local retailer. It sounded like a good idea to help you tow your car a short distance, but does it work?

Tire Pressure Monitoring Caps - Gimmick or Useful Accessory?
Automotive gimmicks have been around since the invention of the automobile. The automotive equivalent to snake oil is a fly by night company's standby when they need a quick buck. Most people don't understand how a car works, tire pressure, so they fall for it. Do tire pressure monitoring valve caps work? Valve cap indicators are around, but should you buy them if your car doesn't have TPMS?

Product Review: Traction Mats
A comprehensive review of the Traction Mats product. Can they help you get your car out of the snow or ice if you get stuck?

Product Review: Engine Oil Stop Leak
A comprehensive review of the Bar's Engine Oil Stop Leak. Does it work?

Product Review: Kaz e Kup cup holder
A comprehensive review of the Kaz e Kup cup holder.

Product Review: Genie Perfect Stop Parking System
A comprehensive review of the Genie Perfect Stop Parking System. A system that will have you parking perfect every time.

Product Review: Slime Tire Sealant
A comprehensive review of the Slime Tire Sealant. Utilizing an innovative product to fix a blown or leaking tire.

Product Review: Armor All Glass Wipes
A comprehensive review of Armor All Glass Wipes. Is this the perfect product to keep in your car for clear glass every time?

Product Review: Michelin Radius Wipers
A comprehensive review of the Michelin Radius Wipers. Is this the new standard for wipers?

Product Review: De-Bug Plug Towing Circuit Tester
A comprehensive review of the De-Bug Plug Towing Circuit Tester. Is there finally a quick way to figure out towing and trailer wiring problems?

Product Review: Energizer Hard Case LED Light
A comprehensive review of the Energizer Hard Case LED Light. Is this light as handy as it looks?

Product Review: Windshield Cover
A comprehensive review of The Winter Warrior Windshield Cover. Will this cover change your life in the winter?

Product Review: WD-40 No-Mess Pen
A comprehensive review of the WD-40 No-Mess Pen. Is this the answer to on the go lubrication for your car?

Product Review: Ice Scraper with Mitten
A comprehensive review of The Ice Scraper with Mitten. Can a one dollar ice scraper really work?

Product Review: Black and Decker Simple Start
A comprehensive review of the Black and Decker Simple Start. Can this product replace jumper cables?

Product Review: The Windshield Wonder
A comprehensive review of the Windshield Wonder. Can it live up to the TV hype?

Product Review: Wiper Wizard
A comprehensive review of the Wiper Wizard. Can it live up to the TV hype?

Product Review: Cyber Clean
A comprehensive review of the Cyber Clean. Can it live up to the TV hype?

Two Useful Products for Home Auto Maintenance
We tested a couple of products claiming to help you with your car or truck maintenance. Check the results.

Five Great Gift Ideas for Expensive Taste
If you're looking for a high end gift to give to the car person on your holiday list, here are five luxury items that are toward the top of the price charts without venturing into the absurd. Useful gifts if you have a little extra money to spend this year.

Switching to an HVLP Paint Sprayer
Even in areas where you still have a choice, many DIY auto painters are investing in an HVLP spray gun setup. Learn about the advantages of HVLP and decide whether it would be worth the investment.

Parts Cleaning Products: What Works Best?
How do you know what parts cleaner to use? Natural or chemical? Ultrasonic or mechanical? Check out some of the real options here.

Last Minute Gifts for Car Lovers

The Legend Behind the Legend - Recaro and Reutter
Check out this new book about the history of Recaro and Reutter. A quick, brilliant read.

Charging System Checks Made Easy
Stay on top of your battery and charging system from the comfort of your car seat.

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