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How to Safely Drain Your Gas Tank


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Pumping the Gas Out of the Tank
Manual fuel pump in action

Pumping fuel out of the tank safely.

photo by Matt Wright, 2012
Before you start pumping, be sure you are set up. You'll need to have an approved gasoline container handy to hold the gasoline. If your tank is full, you'll need more than one! Do the math before you start. Assemble your manual pump per the instructions, then insert the inlet hose into your gas filler hole. You'll have to move past the little metal flap most of the time, this is fine. Keep feeding the tube until you have only about 2 feet left hanging out of the tank. Now take the other end and insert it into the approved fuel container. The type of pump pictured doesn't need priming, so just start pumping until you feel gas flowing. That's it!

See the next page for a tip on finishing the job without incident!

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