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Repair Your Chipped Windshield With a Windshield Repair Kit


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Remove the Tool and Apply the Finishing Film
Apply the smoothing film.

Add the film tothe top of the repair.

photo by Matt Wright, 2008
Once you've given the resin a minute or so to fully penetrate the glass chip, remove the suction cup tool completely from the windshield. Quickly place a section of the clear finishing film over the still-moist repair area. Use the razor blade to carefully press the resin toward the edges of the film. You aren't trying to get it out of there fully, you just want it to be as thin and evenly spread under the film as possible.
It's not required (or in the directions) but I like to add a little tape to the film to be sure it won't slide around while the resin is setting. If it's a windy day you can lose the film, which is a real bummer when your repair is all messed up.
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