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Replace Your Headlight Bulb


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Light's Out! You Need a New Headlight Bulb
Vehicle Maintenance
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If you forget to periodically check your headlights, there's a fleet of black-and-white cruisers who will gladly do it for you. Unfortunately they charge quite a bit, and that's if you don't have to show up in court with a picture of your car with both lights on to prove that you fixed it. So go ahead and take a peak at the front of your car. If you're lazy you can wait until you're behind a big trailer and check them from your driver's seat.

If you have a bulb out, you can pay the guy at the oil change shop four times the price of a new bulb, and he'll take care of it. But that's not you! You do things yourself, so go ahead and make it happen!

This procedure covers most halogen headlight systems with bulbs loaded into the back of the lens. If your car has sealed beam headlights, this won't help.

*Don't know what your bulb is? Check out these common bulb types so you can ask for the right bulb.

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