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How To Replace Your Fuel Pump: DIY


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Unbolt the Fuel Pump: Under Car Setup
Under car fuel pump mounted in sleeve.

This fuel pump is insulated in a sleeve.

photo by Matt Wright, 2007
There are two types of electric fuel pump. One type mounts inside the gas tank, the other mounts underneath the car just in front of the fuel tank. If your fuel pump mounts underneath the car, it will be held in by a couple of bolts. You can locate your fuel pump by sliding underneath the car (if you can't fit, you can place the car securely on jack stands) and looking just in front of the gas tank on one side of the car or the other. You can also follow the fuel line from the tank to the fuel pump. The pump will often be in a black insulating sleeve. Unbolt it and let it drop down slightly. You won't be able to remove it from the sleeve until everything is disconnected.
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