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How To Replace Your Brake Pads


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Getting Ready to Change Brake Pads: Tools and Supplies
Getting ready for new brakes.

Car on jack stand for brake pad replacement.

photo by Matt Wright, 2007

There's no need to pay a repair shop big money for new brakes. Most cars have easy to replace brake pads. With simple tools and a little time, you can save hundreds of dollars. Follow these easy steps and you can replace your own brake pads at home. 


What You'll Need:

  • lug wrench
  • c-clamp
  • open end or adjustable wrench (depending on your car)
  • Allen wrenches (depending on your car)
  • hammer
  • small bungee cord

Be sure you've got everything ready to go before you remove your old brake pads. Most important, be sure safety is at the front of your mind. You'll be taking the wheel off so be sure you have your car jacked up and resting securely on jackstands. Go ahead and break the lugs before you jack it up. It's much easier and safer with the wheel on the ground.

Never work on a car which is supported by a jack only! Unless you turn green and your clothes tear themselves to pieces when you get mad, there is no part of your person that can hold a car in the air if the jack slips. You may need to replace your brake discs depending on the amount of wear they have. You should inspect your brake discs regularly.

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