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How to Install a Trailer Brake Control


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Trailer Brake Control Install. How To Made Easy!
Trailer wiring

The Trailer Brake Control and Additional Plug-In Wiring Harness

Photo by Adam Wright 2010
Using a trailer is quickly becoming part of the American lifestyle. Whether you're towing the boat, the jet-skis, or the utility trailer, towing is here to stay. But if you're going to be part of the population that is pulling a trailer make sure you put safety first. Many new cars and trucks come with towing Packages, but most do not come with a Trailer Brake Control. The Trailer Brake Control is a module that controls the electric brakes found on many trailers. You will need to install a brake control if you want those brakes to help you stop your vehicle and the trailer you are towing. If your vehicle has a Towing Package, installing the Brake Control is a pretty simple affair, you just have to buy an additional wiring harness that plugs directly into the plug your car came with. If your vehicle does not have a towing package it can be a lot more complicated because you have to splice in the wiring yourself, which is much more complicated than the plug-in.
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