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Spark Control Systems And Devices

CCEV  -   Coolant Controlled Engine Vacuum Switch (Chrysler)
CSC  -   Coolant Spark Control (Ford)
CSSA  -   Cold Start Spark Advance (Ford)
CTAV  -   Cold Temperature Actuated Vacuum (Ford)
CTO  -   Coolant Temperature Override Switch (AMC)
DRCV  -   Distributor Retard Control Valve
DSSA  -   Dual Signal Spark Advance (Ford)
DVDSV  -   Differential Vacuum Delay And Separator Valve
DVDV  -   Distributor Vacuum Delay Valve
ESA  -   Electronic Spark Advance (Chrysler)
ESC  -   Electronic Spark Control (GM)
ESS  -   Electronic Spark Selection (Cadillac)
EST  -   Electronic Spark Timing (GM)
OSAC  -   Orifice Spark Advance Control (Chrysler)
PVA  -   Ported Vacuum Advance
PVS  -   Ported Vacuum Switch
SAVM  -   Spark Advance Vacuum Modulator
SPOUT  -   Spark Output Signal (Ford)
SRDV  -   Spark Retard Delay Valve
TAV  -   Temperature Actuated Vacuum
TCS  -   Transmission Controlled Spark (GM)
TIC  -   Thermal Ignition Control (Chrysler)
TRS  -   Transmission Regulated Spark (Ford)
VDV  -   Vacuum Delay Valve

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