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Dodge Neon Has A Sticky Gas Pedal

Q. Hello just have a quick question, my Dodge Neon runs good but the only problem is my gas pedal got really stiff of late, what can be causing this and how can I fix it, is it a bad thing?

  • 2000 Dodge Neon
  • 2.0 liter
  • Fuel injected
  • Automatic transmission

Thanks a lot...

Dodge Neon Has A Sticky Gas Pedal

A. Well, there are two possibilities. The throttle butterfly shaft is sticking in the throttle chamber, or the throttle cable is binding up. What you can do is disconnect the throttle cable from the throttle shaft and the gas pedal.

Then move the cable back and forth to make sure it slides back and forth easily. If not, you will need to replace it.


  1. Remove the throttle cable cover.

Dodge Neon Has A Sticky Gas Pedal
Throttle Body Cables Attachment To Throttle Body

Dodge Neon Has A Sticky Gas Pedal
Disconnecting Throttle Cable

  1. Working from the engine compartment, remove the throttle cable from throttle body cam.
  2. Lift the retaining tabs on the cable and slide the cable out of bracket.

Dodge Neon Has A Sticky Gas Pedal
Accelerator Pedal And Throttle

  1. From inside the vehicle, hold the throttle pedal up and remove the cable retainer and cable from the upper end of pedal shaft.

Dodge Neon Has A Sticky Gas Pedal
Retainer Clip

  1. Remove retainer clip from throttle cable and grommet at the dash panel.
  2. From the engine compartment, pull the throttle cable and grommet out of the dash panel.


  1. Install grommet into dash panel.
  2. From the engine compartment, push the housing end fitting into the dash panel grommet.
  3. From the engine compartment, rotate the throttle lever forward to the wide open position and install cable clasp.
  4. Install cable housing (throttle body end) into the cable mounting bracket on the engine.
  5. Install throttle cable cover.
  6. From inside the vehicle, hold up the pedal and feed the throttle cable core wire through the hole in the upper end of the pedal shaft. Install the cable retainer.
  7. Install the cable retainer clip.

If the cable is okay, then you need to give the throttle body a good cleaning. Read Cleaning Throttle Bodies on how to do this.

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