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Chevrolet Corvette Check Engine Light

Q. I sure hope you can help me. I have an 1988 Chevrolet Corvette with an L98 engine with 113,000 miles and automatic transmission with little, if any problems mechanically. The check engine light is intermittent. Some days its on and others its off. I have taken it a few mechanics and all say its a wiring problem, probably a short somewhere.

Chevrolet Corvette Check Engine Light

But they are unable to locate. I have noticed when the check engine light is on it is giving me a code with some thing to do with the MAF sensor or the burnout circuit relay. All of that has been changed so its got to be a wire problem.

I noticed a green wire on the drivers side near the engine block and transmission. I have attempted to ground it but is a hot wire. I know a green wire comes from the MAF sensor but unsure where this green wire goes.

I don't know if this is the problem or this needs to be connected somewhere. Do you have any reference material showing wiring locations and if there is any remedies for this? Any help?


A. Have you tried a dealer? There are a few service bulletins out pertaining to this code and replacement of power and burn off relays with a new design relay.

Number: 88-251-8a
Section: 8a
Date: June, 1988
Subject: Intermittent Connection To The ECM
Model And Year: 1988 Chevrolet Passenger Cars And Light Duty Trucks T: All Chevrolet Dealers

A condition may exist in which the female terminals in the connector to the ECM do not make a solid connection to the male pins in the ECM (see illustration). This can result in an intermittent condition, in any circuit operated by the ECM. The Service Manuals direct a check of connections any time an intermittent condition is found, and this may be the cause of some of these conditions.

Visually inspect the terminal using a flashlight, or use a .95 mm pin gauge. The gauge should not pass freely through the female terminal. Do not probe the terminal with anything other than the pin gauge, as probing could damage the terminal. If the female terminal does not grip properly, replace the terminal with P/N 12020757. General directions on wiring repair are shown in Section 8A of the service Manual.

Number: 89-327-6D
Section: 6D
Date: May 1991
Corporate Bulletin No.: 138111
Subject: Intermittent No Start, Long Crank, Stall, Or Engine Surge
Model and Year: 1988-1989 Corvette

On the 1988-89 Y Car, the engine may have intermittent no start, long crank times, may start and stall after start, or may have engine surge or rough running. No codes will be set, and no trouble can be found using normal diagnostic procedures.

The relay used for production, P/N 14103304, may not conduct enough current to allow the Mass Air Flow (MAF) circuits to operate properly. The relays will test OK.

Both the MAF relays (Burn-off and Burn-off control) should be replaced with relay P/N 14089936. This relay is serviced with a bracket, which is used only for 1988, and can be discarded for the 1989 model year. The location of the relays is shown on page 8A-20-9 of the 1988 and 1989 Y Car Service Manual.

Pad is currently available from GMSPO.

The O2 sensor may also be carbon-coated because of this condition. To clear the carbon, apply the parking brake, and allow the engine to warm up to normal operating temperature. Then hold the RPM at 1,800 RPM for three minutes.

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