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Chevy Camaro Theft Deterrent System

Q. Hi, I have a 1991 Chevy Camaro RS with a factory theft deterrent system, also with the chip in the ignition key. My car will not turn over or even attempt to start and the alarm will sound off if I open the drivers door and don't close it. If I pull the fuse that is allowing the beep and flashing lights to work I get them to stop BUT no response from the ignition at all.

Chevy Camaro Theft Deterrent System

Is there a way to disconnect or bypass the factory security setup? I hate to tow it to the dealer, I know it will cost a fortune!! Can you help?

A. At least the dealer will have a diagnostic chart to follow for this problem. It may be the key or the lock cylinder. There are two small wires that "read" that key and send the signal to the theft module. These wires move every time you turn the key and tend to break after they get some miles on them. The dealer has a special tool called an Interrogator that can allow them to see if the cylinder is bad or the key pellet is bad.

It wouldn't be much of a security system if it could easily be bypassed.

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