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Chevy C-1500 Oil Pressure

Q. Hi Vincent, I'm having a problem with my truck and I'm not sure what the cause is. A little background. 1996 Chevy C-1500 with 4.3 liter manual transmission, 255,000 miles. About a month ago I had to change the catalytic convertor because it was clogged. Before the problem was diagnosed I had also put new plugs, cap, wires, fuel filter and fuel pump.

Chevy C-1500 Oil Pressure

The problem I have now is the oil pressure gauge is fluctuating as the truck heats up. Normally the gauge has always stayed at 60. Now when I start the truck and for a few minutes the gauge reads 60 but then when the truck warms up and is idling it goes down to 40. This makes it a little more difficult to start going because it adds a little hesitation.

For about three weeks after the convertor was installed the Service Engine Soon light was illuminated but it went off about a week prior to the gauge problem. Any idea what the problem may be? Is there any way I can turn up the idle on an engine with a fuel injection system?


A. Don't mess with the idle!!!!! If the check engine light came on, all your answers are in the codes stored in memory. My guess is the thing is running rich. This would explain the cat going bad. You may have a leaking fuel pressure regulator and if not fixed soon it will take out the new cat!

The low oil pressure reading may be due to a bad Oil Pressure Sending unit. I would have the oil pressure tested with a mechanical gauge to confirm this. With that many miles, it could also be the engine is just wearing out.

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