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Nissan Pathfinder Has No Reverse

Q. Hi, Thanks for taking my question. I have a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder 3.0 liter engine with automatic transmission and approximately 95,000 miles. I used my SUV on Saturday with no problems at all. Parked it in the garage and wanted to use it again. Started up and put into reverse and I had NO reverse!

Nissan Pathfinder Has No Reverse

The forward gears, Drive, first and second, are just fine. When the select lever is placed in the reverse position, it acts and sounds like the SUV is in neutral. There were no indications of any malfunctions at all. I checked my fluid and its level, color and smell seem to be fine with no discolorations. What could have caused the problem? Is it an expensive repair?

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A. There are several possible causes for this, both internal and external to the transmission.

Externally it could be a problem with the shift linkage. The transmission line pressure is too low or the Line Pressure Solenoid (LPS) is bad. It is possibly a bad valve body also. There may be a DTC for the LPS in the PCM. In addition if you go to your Nissan dealer and ask for a copy of Technical Bulletin ATRATB342, it will give you the procedure for testing the LPS.

Internally it could be a bad Reverse Clutch, High Clutch, Forward Clutch or Overrun Clutch. All of which require the opening of the transmission to inspect and replace.

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