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Chevy Camaro Pass Key Ignition

Q. Hi, I had previously written to you regarding my 1994 Chevy Camaro V-6, which had trouble with the clock radio draining the battery. You suggested an electrical check. which I did and it was okay. My problem now is that last Thursday the car didn't start, so I assumed it was the radio, so on Saturday I bought a radio/CD from circuit city and my husband installed it.

Chevy Camaro Pass Key Ignition

We drove the car Saturday night and Sunday-no troubles, then Monday morning I moved the car to another spot in the driveway, turned it off and realized I wanted to pull it up a bit more, well it wouldn't start. The security light came on. I have a Pass Key anti theft system ( not a remote started, just the key with the chip in it). So now it is Wednesday and it still thinks I'm trying to steal it.

My husband always fixes everything on my cars, but we can't seem to get any info on how to fix this. Circuit City said the stereo shouldn't have affected it, so I'm wondering now how can we get it to start? I tried both keys. So can a new pass key ignition be purchased somewhere? And would this affect the car's computer? Or can it be bypassed and a regular ignition be put in? Or is there a way to repair it?


A. The best way to deal with this is through a dealer. They have the keys. There is a choice of 15 different chips. The most likely problem is a broken wire in the ignition lock cylinder that the key goes into to read the chip. There are two very fine wires going to the cylinder and as you turn the key to start the wires move very slightly and over time have been known to break. This "open" circuit results in a no crank/no start. There are a few special tools needed to get to the lock cylinder.

There are other parts involved in this system as well. A module and a starter relay. Also the ECM. This is why I say tow it to a dealer and hope the problem is there for them to diagnose it properly. As for disabling the system, been there. If you don't know the system and have a schematic it probably would never start.

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