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Mercedes Benz 260E Ignition Lock

Q. The key no longer turns in the ignition switch of my 1989 Mercedes Benz 260E. The key still works in the doors so the key itself seems to be alright. I removed the lower dash and started to remove the switch. I disconnected the battery and the wires that were connected to the switch, I removed the single bolt clamp that goes around that part of the switch that is connected to the steering column.

Mercedes Benz 260E Ignition Lock

There is a single pin or what looks like a pin that is about the size of a 3/16 drill bit. It appears to be the only thing holding the switch to the steering column right now. I can't seem to press it in far enough to release the ignition switch from it's position.

My question is two fold. How do I remove the ignition switch from it's location so I can have a locksmith or Mercedes Benz check it out? Is there anything else that might be causing the key to not turn in the ignition switch. like a special safety feature lock out or something that I'm unaware of?



There is good news and bad news regarding removing the Ignition Switch Lock Cylinder. The bad news is you need a Special Service Tool (SST) to remove it. The good news is you can easily make one.

Here is the procedure for removing the lock cylinder.

Mercedes Benz 260E Ignition Lock
Mercedes Benz 260E Ignition Lock
Shop Made SST (0100)

Removal of Lock Cylinder:

  • On model 124, remove cover (37l) from the instrument panel.
  • On model 201, remove escutcheon (36a) using a small screwdriver.
  • On model(s) 124 or 201, turn lock cylinder (36) into position "1" with key.
  • Press disengaging wire (0100) into the bores (arrows) and unlock the locking detents by overcoming the spring resistance.
  • Remove lock cylinder (36) with cap (36b) from steering lock (37).
  • Remove key and disengaging wire (0100) from lock cylinder (36), remove cap (36b).

Installation of Lock Cylinder:

  • Install lock cylinder (36) in the cap (36b), push in key and turn into position "1". Press lock cylinder (36) into the steering lock with key and cap (36b) until the cap (36b) engages (observe groove assignment).

NOTE: If the lock cylinder/key is notchy or binding, spray lock cylinder with lock cylinder grease. If the complaint cannot be eliminated, replace lock cylinder and the key which has been in continual use.

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