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Ford Explorer Fuel Gauge Doesn't Work

Q. Hi: I have a 1993 Ford Explorer with 160,000 miles. Recently I had to replace the gas tank because of rust around the inlet. The new one was installed, and the gas gauge quit working. The shop checked the sending unit and it was fine, they said the gauge was bad and replaced it, still the same problem. we have checked the gauge, the ground, continuity from sending unit to gauge and still nothing. Have you ever run into this problem?


Ford Explorer Fuel Gauge Doesn't Work

A. The fuel gauge and fuel sending unit are very easy to test and in about 15 minutes you will know exactly what's wrong.

First thing you need to do is check all the fuses and make sure you are getting power to the gauge. Then check the black/yellow wire at the fuel tank connector and make sure you have a good ground.

If power and ground are good, then ground the yellow/white wire at the fuel tank connector. If the fuel gauge goes all the way to FULL, you have a bad sending unit. If it stays at Empty, you have a bad gauge or an open in the yellow/white wire.

Ford has a special tester for the Anti-Slosh module. But if you replaced the fuel level sending unit and fuel gauge, and assuming the wiring is indeed good, then it's a pretty good bet the Anti-Slosh module is bad.

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