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Vehicle Pulls To The Left When Braking

Q. Dear Vincent, Hi, I'm Tham from Malaysia. My car veers to the left when braking. Could this mean that the piston in the slave cylinder on the right disc brake is not working well, and should I replace this piston?

Vehicle Pulls To The Left When Braking

When driving very slowly, say 10 mph, and apply my brakes lightly, I can actually see the steering wheel turn a few degrees to the left if I let go of the wheel just as the car comes to a halt.

I've tried replacing my disc brake pads, but after doing so, the pull seems to have gone even worse. I've talked to my car mechanic and he insists that it's my steering alignment, but I've had this double checked and it's fine. I wonder if this problem could also be due to worn/loose steering control arm or strut rod bushings.

Thank you very much.
Kind regards,

A. If you only have the pull when braking, then it is a brake pull. In this case If it pulls to the left when braking, the right disc brake caliper is probably not working properly.

I think it's safe to say that if you replace both front calipers the problem will be cured.

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