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Volkswagen TDI Fuel Filter

Q. Thanks for the info about diesel vs. gas engines. I got the info about changing the fuel filter from you web site but I have a couple of questions. I have a 2001 Volkswagen TDI diesel. I sounds easy to put the new one in but does it have to be primed before starting and does the pressure have to be released before disconnecting the hoses. I drain the water every time I change the oil.


Volkswagen TDI Fuel Filter

A. Not too much to it. There is no pressure in the fuel lines so you don't have to worry about that.

First thing to do is remove the hoses 1 and 2. Note the locations so you can replace them the same way they came off. Loosen the fuel filter bracket clamp, 4, and remove the fuel filter from the bracket. Unscrew the fuel filter from the upper part.

Volkswagen TDI Fuel Filter

Fill the fuel filter with fresh diesel fuel. I use transmission fluid since it is easier to get and pour. Plus it doesn't smell as bad as diesel fuel. After removing the filter you're going to smell like diesel fuel anyway. Bet you didn't know a diesel engine will run on ATF.

Anyway, wet the O ring with the ATF and screw it back on. Put everything back together and you're done.

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