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Buick Park Avenue Door Lock Actuators

Q. We have a 1999 Buick Park Avenue. The driver's side door lock won't unlock. All other door locks are working. Can you give us any suggestions on how to fix this? How do you get the door panels off to look at the lock system? We don't see any screws.

Buick Park Avenue Door Lock Actuators

A. As for removing the door panel, they hide those screws very nicely don't they? There have been some problems with the lock actuators. They have these little rubber things that act as a connection between the actuator motor and the door latch. They tend to split and keep it from opening the lock.

If you can hear the actuator in that door working and not opening the lock, this is the problem. GM sells these little things in sets of two. As for the door panel, take it to a dealer and have it done, you'll not like taking out the actuator either. The door latch and door lock actuator need to be replaced as an assembly.

Buick Park Avenue Door Lock Actuators
  1. Remove the door handle trim plate (6).
  2. Carefully remove the armrest cover plate (2) by prying upward from the access hole using a thin-bladed tool.
  3. Remove the 2 fasteners (3) from the armrest.
  4. Remove the courtesy lamp assembly (5).
  5. Remove the fastener from behind the lamp assembly (4).
  6. Remove the push in retainer from the defroster duct.
  7. Lift straight up on the trim panel in order to disengage the hooks on the backside of the panel (4).
Buick Park Avenue Door Lock Actuators
  1. Disconnect the electrical connectors.
  2. Remove the door trim panel.

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