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BMW 325i Power Windows Don't Work

Q. Dear Vincent, I've had this 1993 BMW 325i for over six years with a lot of minor and not-so-minor issues constantly. The latest being the stuck power window issue. Yesterday, after I got back from a long overdue car wash, I tried lowering the driver side window in vain. At first I thought it was an old problem with the driver side window jamming where the door panel had to be taken apart to fix it, but soon realized that all four windows do not work.

BMW 325i Power Windows Don't Work

I was tempted to 'blame' the carwash guys or their high powered hoses for 'flooding' some electrical wire or something. But, my hunch says since ALL of the windows are jammed it must be a short or some fuse responsible for the windows got blown. Problem is I don't know where to find them, let alone fixing them.

I'm terrified to go see my mechanic, whom I seem to see more than my barber. I'm a bit short handed this month and would love to see if I can fix the problem with your help. Thank you in advance for your kind help and advice.

Best Regards,
Los Angeles, CA

A. The Power Distribution Center is under the hood, on the left side above the firewall. The fuse you want to check is #14, 20 amp.

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