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What's Up With Ford Turbo Diesels??

Q. First let me say I find your site very enjoyable.

Secondly, what's up with Ford? Ford has sold a bunch of F250 Super Duties with their new 6.0 Liter diesel and seems to be ignoring their customers. These trucks as you may or may not know had some infancy problems to be worked out.

What's Up With Ford Turbo Diesels??

One way Ford worked out a couple of issues was to re-program the computer in the truck. This appears to have fixed many of the complaints but, it created several other issues. Number one, to the man all have said they have lost MPG's and power. Number two, Ford disabled the primary injector that made these trucks run quiet at idle. Some owners were promised that Ford would have a fix available first quarter or by April 2004. Nothing!

Some of these guys paid as much as $50,000.00 for their trucks only to have Ford disable some of the functions they bought the truck for in the first place. We are now driving around with equipment in our trucks that are just taking up space that we paid good money for. Many are buying after market equipment to get the MPG's and performance back.

I have been a long and loyal fan of Ford for over 40 years. During this time I have purchased many new Fords with no issues like this. I recently purchased a new 2004 F250 diesel only to find out I am not getting what I paid for, and on top of that I have an 2003 motor in my 2004 truck. I would expect to get an 2004 motor in an 2004 truck, wouldn't you?

Ford does seem to be buying back some of the first trucks that had really severe problems but seem to ignoring the rest of us who want what we paid for. I paid for a Primary Injector, 320HP diesel, and a 2004 motor of which I did not receive any.

I think at the very least Ford should extend the warranty to us poor suckers who had enough faith in Ford to buy this new engine to 5 years bumper to bumper. After all many had to put additional money into their truck to get them to perform as advertised by Ford.

I know many F250/350 Ford owners are talking about going to Dodge with their Cummins engine or GM with its new Duramax. I hate to see Ford loose some its loyal followers but I'm afraid, at least for me this may be straw that breaks the camels back unless Ford gets on the ball and gives us what we paid for.

How many of us F250/350 owners do you think will buy the "New Super Duty" due to come out in a couple of years?

Thanks for listening,

A. I don't know how you can tell the difference between a 2003 6.0 liter engine and a 2004 6.0 liter engine. Both the 2003 and 2004 Ford Excursions and F series trucks used a 6.0 liter turbo diesel engine.

If you have a 2004 with a 7.3 liter turbo diesel than I would say yes, it is a 2003 engine since it was not offered in 2004. And since both the 2003 and 2004 suffer from the same problem, what's the difference?

Even with that said, Ford would say the warranties are the same so there is no difference.

That aside, I wish I had some answers for you. Ford knows they have a big problem and are trying to get it resolved as evidenced in this TSB. I must admit after reading it, it sounds like the definition of a software problem.

If it occurs once in a while, it's a glitch.
If it occurs all the, it's a bug.
If it can't be fixed, it's a feature.

Article No.: 03-20-12
Date: 10/13/03
Title: Engine Controls - Diesel Engine Driveability Concerns

Driveability - Various Driveability Conditions - 6.0 liter DIT Engine - Vehicles Built Before 9/29/03 - Calibration Update - Running Change

2003-2004 Excursion, F Super Duty

Some vehicles may exhibit various driveability conditions listed below:

  • Rough/Rolling Idle When The Engine Is Warm
  • Rough/Rolling Idle And White Smoke After Hot Restart
  • Lacks Power After Initial Start-Up
  • Cold Idle kicker Performance At Warm Ambient Temps
  • U0306 Codes After Reprogramming
  • P2263 Code Set During Extended Idle
  • False P0196 Codes

This updated service calibration addresses a number of vehicle driveability conditions. When servicing 2003-2004 Super Duty and Excursion vehicles equipped with 6.0L Power Stroke engine built before 9/29/03 (can be verified by the Injection Control Pressure (ICP) sensor located at the rear of the engine) reprogram the PCM/TCM/FICM modules to the latest calibration level (B27.9) or later. This calibration should only be installed on customer vehicles that exhibit one of the conditions addressed above.


  • This latest calibration includes all changes released in previous calibration updates.
  • Installing this calibration removes pilot injection control.
  • Prior to installing the updated calibration, advise the customer that this upgrade will significantly improve engine idle and low speed performance. It will also slightly increase the engine sound level during warm idle, which is a normal operating characteristic of diesel engines.

It is in Fords best interest to resolve the problem to the customers satisfaction because, as you said, who would buy another one? Switching to a Dodge? They are having their problems with their automatic transmissions. It seems they fall apart after 60,000 or 70,000 miles.

I am on a mailing list of Dodge truck owners who are planning to file a class action law suit against Daimler-Chrysler for that reason. Not that I own a Dodge truck or even plan to get involved.

Other than that, all I can offer is to keep on Fords case by contacting Ford Customer Service until you get satisfaction. You can also get other owners who have the same problem to initiate a class action law suit.

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