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Volkswagen Beetle Check Engine Light On

Q. Hello, I changed the oil on my wife's 2000 Volkswagen Beetle 2.0 liter. Afterwards, the "Check Engine" light came on and stayed on, not flashing. The vehicle runs fine despite the light being on.
Volkswagen Beetle Check Engine Light On

The oil change was routine; drain, replace plug, replace filter, add oil. Is there some sensor that might have gotten unhappy when I did this? I used Quaker State SAE-5W30 which the owners manual says is okay. Not sure what was used last time.

The car is driven lightly, less than 20 miles a day usually. Maybe it needs to be run more but I don't recall the light ever coming on before. Any idea?


A. Volkswagens are a bit touchy about overfilling the oil, even by a small amount. Overfilling the oil will set a misfire code, P0300 to P0304.

From the Volkswagen Service Manual:

Volkswagen Beetle Check Engine Light On


  • DO NOT OVERFILL! Overfilling engine oil can cause misfire DTC's to be stored in Engine Control Module (ECM).
  • To prevent overfilling at oil changes, add approximately ½ quart less than capacity, start engine, let run until engine operating temperature is approximately 60°C (140°F), switch ignition OFF, wait approximately 3 minutes, check dipstick, fill to full mark as indicated on dipstick (may be more or less than ½ quart depending on model).

Additional Information provided courtesy of AllDATA and Warranty Direct

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