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Lubing The Chassis

Q. Hi, I'm sick and tired of paying $35.00 to get my oil changed in my truck so I'm going to do it myself from now on. My question is this: When "Jiffy Lube" says they lube the Chassis in their oil change service what does that mean? And is it something I need to do every time I change my oil?

Lubing The Chassis

Also since I'm small enough to crawl under my truck to change the oil do I need to put it on a ramp of lift the front end when I drain the oil or can I just drain it on flat ground?

Thanks for your help!

A. When they say they "Lube The Chassis", the L in LOF, they are referring to the grease, or Zerk, fittings that allow steering and some suspension components to be lubricated.

Lubing The Chassis

Newer vehicles have sealed components that can't be lubricated. Some vehicles have plugs that are removed and grease fittings installed. Most replacement parts include provisions for, and include a grease fitting.

Grease fittings are easy to install and you can buy a small grease gun to do the greasing with. When you do the greasing, one or two shots is enough. I have seen guys shoot 20 pounds of grease into a joint and it shoots out all over the place. This is not only unnecessary, but it opens the grease retaining boot and could allow dirt and water to enter.

Enough is when the grease boot just starts to bulge.

There's nothing wrong with leaving the truck on the ground while you change the oil. In fact, it is safer since you don't have to worry about the truck falling down on you. I would just chock one front and one rear wheel just to be sure it doesn't roll on you.

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