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Lincoln LS Has Some Big Problems

Q. I purchased a 2000 Lincoln LS about a year and a half ago. I never thought that a car like this would give me such problems. It is now in the shop at 53,000 miles, a mere 3,000 miles after the warranty has expired. I started having problems at 48,000 miles when it was under manufacturer's warranty and they replaced one or two ignition coils.

Lincoln LS Has Some Big Problems

A month later it was giving me the same problems. So I took it in again and they did some tests and said it looked fine, when I could drive away and notice there was definitely a problem. So I went on and a little over 50,000 miles my Check Engine Light (CEL) comes on, so I take it in. The Lincoln Dealership wanted to charge $110.00 just to put it on their machine. At that point I declined and I considered investing in an extended warranty.

I purchased an extended warranty, that I find out later only covers up to $1,000.00 in repairs for a transmission. So the car had not been giving me too many problems through the time til 53,000 miles. It was drivable, every now and then it was sputter at 40 mph and at idle, but never stall. So when my Check Transmission Light (CTL) came on, I took it in and they are quoting me at like $2,500.00 in repairs and upon completing that they are saying there are a few bad ignition coils.

I KNOW for a fact there was something wrong when it was under factory warranty and I have receipts showing the ignition coils they replaced and when I took it in a month later and they said everything was fine. Can faulty ignition coils cause a transmission to go bad? Is there anything I can or should do to try to get Lincoln to be responsible for this repair, after all it is costing me over $1500.00.

I mean I've always heard of these types of horror stories but I always hoped it would never happen to me. So much for wishful thinking. I haven't paid a dime yet but I have approved the repair. They have also had my car about a month now and it was supposed to be done a few weeks ago. I would be grateful if you could give me any assistance or direction on what my options are.

Thank you very much and have a happy holiday.

A. Look in your owners manual for the Ford Customer Service number. Call them, explain the situation and file a complaint. Request an appointment with the Ford Factory Representative and he will be able to help you. Be firm, but polite and he may cover the whole thing.

Just make sure you have all the documentation showing all the maintenance and repairs. It will be easier to get help if you can show you took care of the vehicle.

Also, have them check TSB 00T03 dated 02/09/2000 and entitled PCM - Driveability Complaints to see if your vehicle is eligible for the PCM Program Upgrade.

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