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Nissan Frontier A/C Triple Switch

Q. Hi Vincent, First of all, I would like to thank you very much for providing a place for others who are in need of getting the honest and right answer for their cars' troubles. I have learned a lot from you. Thank you again. Now, I have a question that I need your help. My car is a: 2000 Nissan Frontier, 3.3 liter V-6, Automatic transmission, 39,000 miles, ABS brakes and A/C.

Nissan Frontier A/C Triple Switch

There are two fans that remove heat from engine; one is electrical and another one is run by the driven belt. I have a diagram that show the electrical fan is controlled by a switch that attaches to the top of its A/C accumulator.

To my understand that the switch will turn the fan on when it senses pressure built up in the accumulator - that means the A/C is turned on. With the diagram, I have traced the wire and was confirmed that the fan and its relay are working. When I shorted one of its ground terminal at the switch to ground, the fan would run.

Since the truck has extended warranty that I purchased for over $700.00, I brought the truck back to dealer to claim how come the fan does not work when the A/C is turned on. They charged me for $50.00 (deductible) and said there's nothing wrong with the fan. They said that the switch on top of the A/C accumulator would turn the fan on only when it senses the right temperature.

I was not convinced because there's no temperature switch that controls the fan at all. I have wanted to see what they said was correct. I have driven my truck with A/C on for 15 minutes at slow speed, 20 mph, and with a lot of stop and go. The fan never ran once. Of course, outside temperature in Houston nowadays is way too hot in summer. Also, the A/C is working and blowing cool air fine. The driven belt fan is working, too.

Please advice. And what is that switch located on the top of the A/C accumulator? Thank you again greatly for your help. Please advice me soon before it's too late to bring the truck back without charging for another $50.00.


A. That switch is the High/Low Pressure switch. It is there to cut out the A/c compressor if the A/C pressure get's too high or too low. It also controls the electric cooling fan. This is to prevent damage to the A/C compressor. Hence the name Triple Switch.

If the A/C line pressure gets too high, the electric cooling fan will come on. If the cooling fan does not lower the A/C line pressure and it continues to rise, the triple switch will turn off the A/C compressor. In theory, as long as the A/C system is working as it should, and since it is a relatively new system, the electric cooling fan should not come on.

If you ground the black wire at the triple switch, the electric cooling fan should come on.

Nissan Frontier

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