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Ignition Coils
How to inspect, test and replace the ignition coil in your car.
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Distributorless Ignition System (DIS)

Many of today's vehicles are equipped with D.I.S. or distributorless ignition systems. These vehicles do not use a distributor. In place of the distributor they use sensors to fire an ignition coil pack. There are two styles of ignition coil packs. The first type of coil pack has all the coils mounted on one mounting pad. If any of the coils are found to be defective, the entire coil pack must be replaced.

The second type of coil pack has all the coils mounted individually on a mounting pad. On this system, if one coil is found to be defective, it may be replaced as a separate unit. Testing procedures on these coils are the same as the procedures described earlier. As always you should refer to a specific automotive service manual for details and specifications on your vehicle.

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