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Dealing With Your Mechanic

Check out these nuggets of information and advice about how best to deal with your mechanic. Knowing what to ask and what to look out for will empower you to take control of your auto repairs instead of sitting on the sidelines with your checkbook.
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  2. Unnecessary Upsells (4)

No More State Vehicle Inspections in New Jersey - How Does New Jersey…
New Jersey has cancelled its state mechanical inspection program. How does that affect you? It affects consumers and repair shops much differently. Let me know how you feel about the New Jersey inspection program cancellation. Your opinion counts!

The Truth About Flat Rate Repairs
Most shops these days operate within a system known as flat rate. The flat rate system is an industry standard. If your shop works on a flat rate repair pay scale, what does that mean? What is flat rate? Is flat rate a scam? Should you pay for flat rate repairs? All of these questions and more can be answered here.

10 Things to Think About at the Repair Shop
Check out these 10 Things to Think About at the Repair Shop so you'll be fully prepared if you have to have a mechanic repair your car. You'll avoid upsells, miscommunication, ripoffs, scams, and you'll save money on auto repair.

No More Repair Shop Reviews
Repair shop ratings used to appear on the site, but now you are sent here for that information because it's no longer current.

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