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Testing an Ignition Coil on the Car


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Preparing the Coil Test
Coil test ready for action.

Remove the plug and put it back in the wire.

photo by Matt Wright, 2008
Safety Tip:Working around a running engine can be dangerous. Be sure to keep yourself (including hair and clothing) away from any moving engine parts.

Testing a coil on the car is pretty easy. No special tools are required. Just remember to be careful, the amount of electricity generated by your ignition system can be dangerous.

If your coil is already off the car, or if you would like a more specific data-driven test, you can bench test your coil. To set up the test, remove one spark plug wire from its plug, then remove the spark plug using a spark plug socket. Next put the spark plug back into the spark plug wire. Be careful not to let anything drop into the empty spark plug hole -- very bad.

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