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Ten Great Car Repair Gifts

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Home Car Repair Enthusiast


Got somebody on your list that's diving into doing their own auto repairs and maintenance? They'll need the tools and supplies to do the job. These Top 10 gift ideas are reasonably priced and essential to the home mechanic.

1. Roadside Emergency Kit

There's no excuse to be without it!
JC Penney
If you're in charge of auto maintenance in your household, there's no excuse for being without a proper emergency kit. Every vehicle should have one, but you don't need to spend a bundle to get the peace of mind that comes with having the tools you need to get out of a jam. This kit includes a swivel head flashlight with stand, booster cables, air compressor, pair of cotton gloves to keep it clean, a tire gauge, hose tape and a four-socket wrench. Even the case is useful with the reflective safety triangle. Safety first!
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2. Open End Wrench Set

Craftsman offers this starter set of open end wrenches.
Anyone attempting to perform their own auto repairs or maintenance needs a proper set of open end wrenches. This set from Craftsman is the perfect starter set. Your home mechanic can use these to get their tool kit started. Since they're Craftsman tools, you can exchange them at any Sears store if one of them ever breaks. I've had Craftsman wrenches for decades that look almost new. Comes with both metric and SAE wrenches. Highly recommended.
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3. Screwdriver Set

Every mechanic needs a selection of screwdrivers.
No tool kit is even a start before it contains a selection of screwdrivers. We all have a few oddball screwdrivers around the house, but to get into auto repair and maintenance you'll need a good selection of sizes and types made by a company you can trust. Craftsman has the screwdriver pretty much figured out. And with Craftsman, you're protected for life. If (when) you break the tip off one of the drivers, you can trade it for a new one at any Sears.
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4. Fluorescent Work Light

Every shop should have a fluorescent work light.
The fluorescent shop light changed the way professional mechanics operate. They are bright, cool, and very durable. Since they don't get hot, fluorescent work lights don't pose a fire hazard. I have yet to see an LED work light that comes even close to doing the job. Every mechanic needs a work light for seeing into the recesses of the engine bay or underneath the car. This light features a 25-foot cord and even has a built in plug, so it doubles as an extension cord for your official shop daiquiri mixer.
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5. Mechanics Tool Box

Every mechanic needs a decent tool box.
That lame orange tool box in the garage won't do anymore. If there's a serious mechanic in the house, there should be a serious tool box. If you're not ready for the $5000 Snap-On stack yet, this affordable Stack-On tool box is great. It's plastic for light weight, but has metal reinforcements in the bottom and at the handle, where it counts. Plus the diamond plate front says, "I'm changing my oil, and I mean business."
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6. The Bone-ster Creeper

Lay down on this comfy bonefor auto repairs.
The creeper is nothing new. It's easier to roll underneath a car than to slither. But the creeper hasn't changed much in decades. That is, until Pegasus introduced the Bone-ster. Sure, it performs the same function as the rest, but the comfort level is beyond compare! If you need to creep, and I think you do need to creep, you should be lying in this comfortable bone to do it. Super durable and easy to use, the Bone-ster is the real deal. American made so you know it will last.
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7. Torque Wrench

You need a torque wrench.
If you're planning to do any auto repairs, you'll need a torque wrench. Without a torque wrench, you risk damaging your car's expensive parts. Every shop has one. This Craftsman torque wrench features a dial type torque setting. The rod type may seem like a good deal since they're around half the price, but they are a serious pain to use, and much less precise than the dial handle type. It's easy to say you'll get a torque wrench later, but one overtightened bolt will change your mind. Buy one today, for sure.
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8. OBDII Code Scanner

Reset your Check Engine light with this code reader.
Cars today are as much computer as steel. To properly diagnose and troubleshoot you need to be able to read the trouble codes (DTCs) your car saves. If your Check Engine light is on, you need a code reader to get to the source of the problem. This unit will give you an instant readout from any OBD-II equipped vehicle (post 1996). Besides providing the codes, most readers can reset the Check Engine light. Very handy.
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9. Hex Wrench Set

Give the gift of the hex wrench.
Thanks to their high torque capabilities, the hex bolt is commonly found in automobiles. Also known as the Allen bolt, these are used on everything from the starter to the gear shift knob. This means every tool box should have a set of hex wrenches. This t-handle set is ergonomic and allows for lots of strength when twisting off tough bolts. It even comes with an easy to reference display case. Another tool box essential!
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10. Ratchet Wrench and Socket Set

Buy this Craftsman set today!
The ratchet is the backbone of any mechanic's tool arsenal. You'll find yourself reaching for your ratchet wrench and sockets more often than any other tool in the box. That's why it's so important to have a set on hand. This Craftsman set is the perfect starter kit, with both 3/8" and 1/4" drive sockets, a driver, a 1/4" adapter and an organized case. Nobody doing auto repair and maintenance can get by without the ratchet. Give somebody the jump on their tool kit.
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