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How To Repair a Scratched Plastic Headlight or Tail Light Lens


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The Headlight Restorer and Defogger Pack
Scratch repair for plastic.

The Scratch Repair Kit

photo by Adam Wright, 2008
When we found this shiny foil package at Wal-Mart, eyes rolled. It was too small, too silly, and we figured it was too good to be true. The CV Headlight Restorer and Defogger claims to be able to remove scratches and haziness from plastic lenses using only the stuff that's in the fruit roll-up bag.

Of course we couldn't leave it at just doubt, so we bought a couple and put them to the test. What we found surprised us. It worked. We were able to polish not only a scratched headlight lens, but also the plexi rear window from a 1958 Porsche Speedster. That was extra impressive. It wasn't perfect on the really bad spots, but it was pretty amazing.

Read on to see how it works, pretty fun!

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