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Product Review: Mother's PowerBall 4Paint Automotive Wax System

The Importance of Waxing

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Waxing your car with Mothers PowerBall

The Mothers PowerBall 4Paint System

photo by Adam Wright, 2009
We all want our cars to look great. Adding a nice layer of wax and buffing it to a mirror shine achieves just that. But wax also gives your expensive paint job -- they're all expensive -- an added layer of protection against everything from sun damage to scratches. You should give your car a real wax job at least once a year to make sure your paint job lasts a long time.

You can apply wax by hand or using an expensive professional buffer, but we want to give the Mothers PowerBall a try to see if there really is an affordable, effective alternative to the buffer and elbow grease.

The PowerBall

Mothers PowerBall 4Paint is a simple automotive wax accessory. It uses a standard power drill. Attach the spongy ball to the drill and let the little "fingers" do the work for you. That's the idea anyway. I've found in the past that waxing devices that attach to power drills usually suck. They're usually too small and make the wax job take too long, or they require more power and speed that the average drill can supply. To really give this one a test, we used a cordless drill. These tend to rotate at slightly lower RPM than a plug-in drill. If the PowerBall works with this setup, I'll be impressed. Surprised, but impressed.

The Verdict

The PowerBall in action.

Waxing the paint with Mothers PowerBall 4Paint

photo by Adam Wright, 2009
Impressed. I had my doubts. Like I said, waxing accessories that attach to power drills are generally inferior. But we wanted to give the PowerBall a fair shake. We used Mothers FX liquid wax and applied it with the PowerBall attachment. It went on very evenly. Working the wax into the paint was more or less effortless. The weight of the drill combined with the surface area of the ball worked quite well. The wax went on much faster than by hand, and none of my worries about low polishing speed were a problem. For such a small amount of money, I haven't found anything comparable. Those disc-shaped pads that mount to drills aren't good. A professional random-orbital automotive buffer is the best, but you'll drop hundreds of dollars on one of those. This seems to be the next best thing.

Update: Check out the new mini version of the PowerBall!

Check out the shine.

The finished product -- nice job!

photo by Adam Wright, 2009
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