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Liquid Wrench Offers a Low Cal Six Pack

Six Flavors for Every Job?

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Lube away!

The Liquid Wrench Six-Pack

photo by Adam Wright, 2010
Walking through the parts store the other day, on the way to grab our usual basket full of Liquid Wrench for all those rusty nuts and bolts we deal with, and I see a six pack. No, my dreams of being able to buy beer at an auto parts store had not come true. This was a 6-pack of magical automotive juices -- or so they claimed. But do I need six different products to satisfy my lubricating needs? Always one to experiment, I decided to buy the Liquid Wrench Six-Pack to see if it was a waste or a wonder.

Six Useful Products or Too Much Stuff?

The Six-Pack comes with the following:
  • Penetrating Oil
  • Chain Lube
  • White Lithium Grease
  • Dry Lubricant
  • Silicone Spray
  • Lubricating Oil
We use the Penetrating Oil every day, so we knew that would be useful. Lubricating Oil is another regular in the shop -- it has all sorts of uses, especially when cutting or drilling steel. To see whether the others came in handy, we had to give ourselves a little time. A couple of weeks seemed enough, so we let the Six-Pack ride. At the end of the "test" we were surprised at how useful the rest of the cans were. Silicone is great in locks when you don't want to have oil running out and staining things like paint. And who wants oil all over your car key, then in your pocket soaking into your pants? In the end, the Six-Pack turned out to be a very good value. For less than you'd pay for each can individually you get a lot of product. You won't need to buy a Six-Pack every time -- we use a lot more Penetrating Lubricant than White Lithium Grease lube -- but it's a great starter pack and trust me, when you need a specific product like this, you need it. And now you'll have it.
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