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Is Simoniz Fix It! Scratch Remover the Answer to Scratched Tail Lights/

What is Simoniz Fix It!

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Tail Light Scratch Repair Kit

This is the tail lens repair kit.

photo by Matt Wright, 2008
This product claims to eliminate scratches from all plastic automotive lenses -- tail lights, turn signals, brake lights, running lights, whatever. You may have even seen Billy Mays hollering endlessly about it on TV. It's basically a buffing kit, and includes a gentle rubbing compound, a buffing cloth and the exciting battery operated polishing machine. They even include the batteries! What could be better? We can see the allure to a complete kit like this. Who wouldn't be interested in fixing their scratched up tail light lenses in a matter of minutes?

But Does It Work?

After you've spent a little more money than you expected for this kit, the burning question looms - does it work? The answer isn't as simple as a yes or no. On paper, yes it works. You can apply the included compound to the buffer/polisher and with enough patience and extra batteries you could shine a scratched tail light. Next question: Is the kit worth it? I'd say no. The battery-operated polishing tool is so weak that you can't put any pressure on the polishing pad or it stops. It has two speeds but the slow speed isn't even enough to keep the pad moving with no pressure. We worked for about 15 minutes and ended up with a spot the same size as the pad (quarter sized) that was fixed. The same results could be had if you polished your tail lights by hand. It's still a process, but I think you'll get results much more quickly than if you watched this little yellow vibrator for an hour.
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