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Product Review: Craftsman Serpentine Belt Tool

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Product Review: Craftsman Serpentine Belt Tool

Craftsman Serpentine Belt Tool

Photo courtesy Craftsman Tools 2011

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In the mid 1980's the brains over at Mercedes-Benz developed the Serpentine Belt that was a small revolution for automotive belts. Until the Serpentine belt came about most cars had several belts running different components off of the motor like the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, etc. The problem was to get to one belt you invariably had to take off other belts making a simple job much harder. The Serpentine Belt runs multiple systems utilizing one high tension, multi-ribbed, wide belt. The advantages are that you only have one belt to replace and by being very wide and strong you have ample warning that the belt is starting to wear out, without it completely giving out, like a traditional belt does. The trick in replacing a Serpentine Belt is having the right tool. The Craftsman Serpentine Belt Tool is the right tool. It fits well into the engine compartment, comes with multiple components to match almost any application, and most importantly is normal Craftsman quality.

Pros: The pros are that the Serpentine Belt Tool works.

Cons: The cons are that they the crowsfoot is a little weak.

Buy It Now, Buy It Later?
If your car has a Serpentine Belt you need this tool and you need it now.

Bang for the Buck
For $29.99 this product has a lot of bang for the buck, considering the cost savings in just the first use.

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