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The LED Headlight by Energizer

The Dawn of a Brighter Day

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Energizer LED Headlight Work Light

Lights on Your Head

photo by Matt Wright, 2008
We've been waiting for the chance to review an LED headlight, but alas, that day has not come. It is a head light, but in a more literal sense -- you wear it on your head. It's not like you were looking for another work light, but check it out and you'll be impressed.

So Many Functions

We know the idea of strapping a light to your head is nothing new. Coal miners did it, spelunkers do it. My wife has a whopper of a head mounted work light from back in the day, as in before the advent of the super bright LED. Energizer has rethought the head mounted light, and thanks to the new technology it's all of a sudden turned into a decent idea for once. Thanks to the feather-like weight of LEDs, this light weighs very little even though it has six lights built in. That's right, six. The LEDs have different functions, some useful, some questionable. The first functions make sense, it can operate as either a spot light or a flood light. The spot light setting uses two LEDs at the center of the light that focus directly in front of your head. The flood light setting turns on another pair of less focused lights toward the outside of the cluster of bulbs. The third function, however, seems more of a gimmick. This would be the "night vision" setting, which amounts to two red LEDs that shine onto your work area. Don't get me wrong, it works, but why? I can't think of a use the average guy or girl would have for submarine lighting, but I might have missed something along the way.

Is it Worth Getting?

Night vision!

Can you say, Night Vision?

photo by Matt Wright, 2008
So, is this new Energizer head mounted work light worth getting? I say yes. I used it to do a few repairs as if I was on the side of the road, and it was very handy. I even tried it out in the shop and while it wasn't up to the task of full work light, it was a great supplement. It weighs nothing so you can wear it worry free. It's fairly small on your head, too. I found there was no reason to use only the two "spot" LEDs when you can turn on all four. The thing puts out some serious light to be sure. As for the night vision setting, looking at things under red light is pretty cool, it made me feel like I was installing a Mission Impossible spark plug. But I'm not sold on any real uses. Nonetheless, for such a low price, this work light gets the thumbs up from us.
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