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Tools For Auto Repair - Gator Grip Universal Socket


Tools For Auto Repair - Gator Grip Universal Socket

Gator Grip Universal Socket

Photo by Adam Wright 2010
I saw this tool while I was at Sears buying some Craftsman sockets. It looked like such a joke I thought it was my duty to buy it and then shame Sears for putting it in with the real tools. Well, the shaming was not to be because the Gator Grip Universal Socket is great! There is nothing in the world like the feeling of being pleasantly surprised, and when I locked the Gator Grip Universal Socket to my ratchet I was very, very surprised. First I tried the Gator Grip out on a nice clean and new bolt -- it worked well. But the true test was going to be on a rusty and tough nut, so I found a rusty engine in the corner of the shop and tested out the Gator Grip Socket, and it worked again. The teeth on the socket grabbed the soft, rusty, rounded nut and backed it right out. Pretty amazing stuff. The company that makes the Gator Grip Universal Socket, Endeavor Tool Company, explains that the tool "instantly grips any shape" using a total of 54 steel rods. They also say you can use it on the following items: hooks, squares, nuts, caps, and eye bolts. The Gator Grip Universal Socket works with a 3/8" standard drive and has a maximum depth of 3/8". Also available is the King Gator Universal Socket that utilizes a 1/2" ratchet.

I have to say this is one tool that is now in my tool box and will get lots of use.

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