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Auto Repair Ripoffs You Can Avoid

Arming yourself with information is a must when you are dealing with an auto mechanic. Better than 99 percent of auto mechanics are 100 percent honest. It's that 1 percent you have to look out for. Be prepared for anything by brushing up on the most common schemes and scams.

Do You Need an Auto Warranty
Is an aftermarket auto warranty a good idea? There are two sides to every argument, and the argument over car warranties is no different. We'll help you decide whether you need any additional auto warranty on your car or truck.

Police Sketches in Elderly Scam
Police Sketches in Elderly Scam

Did They Do The Work They Said They Did?
Believe it or not, there are people out there who are trying to rip you off. When it comes to auto mechanics, most of them are 100 percent honest. But every bunch has a bad apple or two. If you know what common auto repair ripoffs to watch for, you can avoid becoming the victim of a scam at the repair shop.

Automotive Repair Contracts: Worth Anything?
Are you wondering whether you should buy an automotive service contract or extended warranty for your new car or truck? What about for your used car purchase? Check out these reasons to think about whether it's really worth it to buy one.

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