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How to Replace and Repack Rear Wheel Bearings


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Remove the Wheel Bearing
Wheel bearing removal

The wheel bearing can finally be removed.

photo by Matt Wright, 2012
With all of the covers, pins and caps out of the way, you can now remove the wheel bearing itself. The bearing is actually a holder (called a "race") that holds all of the little balls or rollers (depending on your bearing type) in place so that they roll in a straight line. Remove the bearing race with a flat screwdriver. Stick the screwdriver in through the center of the bearings and pluck it out, making sure the screwdriver stays in the center to catch the bearings and keep them from dropping to the ground. The main purpose of this is to keep any dirt or debris from contaminating the bearings.

If you are repacking your bearings, take the bearings and place them on a clean surface like a piece of clean paper. Squeeze a liberal amount of general purpose automotive grease into the center of the bearings. Fill the entire center higher than the top of the bearings. Now take your thumb and press the grease into the bearings.

If you are replacing your bearings, you will pack them with grease in the same manner. Installation is the reverse of removal: replace the bearings, then reinstall the bearing nut, the safety cap, the cotter pin, and the dust cap. Some people like to add a little more grease to the party at these stages. It definitely won't hurt, you really can't use too much grease!

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