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Adding Brake Fluid


Clean it first!

Slowly fill the brake fluid to the top line.

If you check the level of your car's brake fluid and discover it low, don't sweat it, you can have things tip-top in no time at all.

Before you remove the cap to the brake fluid reservoir, wipe the area down thoroughly with a rag. Your braking system is sensitive, and foreign materials creeping in can clog or degrade its components. Start off clean and avoid any problems.

With the cap off, slowly add fluid until it rises to the appropriate level. Replace the cap and go about your business. In a day or two, recheck the level to be sure you don't need to add any more. So ...

  • Always clean the area around the cap.
  • Add brake fluid slowly.
  • Recheck in a few days.

One more thing:

Never shake a bottle of brake fluid before you add it to your car. The little bubbles can cause big problems.

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