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Using Heat to Remove a Stuck Bolt


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Assembling Your Torch
Screw nozzle onto tank.

Be sure to close the valve before you screw the nozzle onto the tank.

photo by Matt Wright, 2008
Whether you bought your torch as a kit or in separate pieces, you'll have a small tank of propane, a screw-on nozzle assembly, and if you don't have a built in ignitor you'll need a hand spark. I like the nozzles with a built in ignitor because it's one less thing to buy and keep track of.

All you have to do is screw the nozzle onto the top of the propane tank. IMPORTANT: Before you screw it on, be sure to turn the valve on the nozzle all the way to the right (closed). If not you'll start to lose gas as soon as you screw it on.

Don't worry about leaking propane otherwise, the tank will remain sealed until the nozzle is all the way on. At the most you may catch a whiff of gas in the air.

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