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Removing A Seriously Stuck Wheel


Changing the tire
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Let's talk about infuriating. You waited in line for 10 minutes to get a skim latte which made you late to work, but as you're walking into your building, you drop it, making the whole morning a waste. Apply the same feeling to the automotive realm and you're looking at flat tire on a wheel that you can't seem to get off the car. It's stuck, and even tapping firmly around the edges isn't getting it loose (yes, the lug nuts are off ... right?).

There's a trick to freeing a stuck-on wheel that almost never fails. You already have the lugs removed, but now reinstall them leaving about 5 turns before they start to get snug. Now lower the car to the ground, get in and start it up. Drive back and forth 4 or 5 feet a few times. Now jack the car up and test the wheel. It should be nice and loose now, ready for you to replace with your spare so you can move on down the road.

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