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A Little Help to Loosen a Tight Bolt or Lug Nut


Pull slow and steady.

The end of your jack can give you some needed leverage on a tough bolt.

Adam Wright
Sometimes even the big wrench can't break a lug nut or other bolt loose. Try soaking it with a penetrant like Liquid Wrench or WD-40. If you're still stuck, it might be time to reach for a higher power - or a longer power in this case.

The best tool to use would be a proper breaker bar, but if it's not around you can make due. Take the top half of the handle off of your floor jack (held on by one bolt) and slide the hollow end over the end of your ratchet wrench. This gives you two feet or so of additional leverage which can really speed things up. As you pull on the seized bolt, increase the strength slowly to decrease the risk of breaking it.

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